Scrapbooking – Revisit Your Memories to Tell a Powerful Story

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Age-net analyses why scarpbooking is the perfect hobby for those who wish to cherish their memories in a unique way

As the years pass, you will likely have a treasury of memories that you love and cherish as well as an endless number of experiences that you would like to revisit. As we grow older, we tend to want to reminisce about the past and honour precious memories that we carry with us. However many people often feel guilty when they dedicate a significant amount of their time to living in the past, not to mention that it is not the healthiest course of action.If you want to a healthy as well as productive and creative way of revisiting your memories as the days go by, consider making a scrapbook. Read on to find out why a scrapbook will fit your needs as well as learn tips on how you can make the perfect scrapbook of your dreams.

What Makes Scrapbooks Wonderful?

Scrapbooks are amazing for preserving memories and telling stories. Not only will it allow you to revisit your invaluable memories, you will be creating a treasure that you and your loved ones can discover time and time again. With small little annotations and creative designing, you can turn each scrapbook into a fun story for the reader as well as make a beautiful masterpiece.

Best of all, scrapbooking is an easy and fun activity. Not only will you have fun taking creative liberty on a blank page, it is not at all difficult. Also, the act of scrapbooking in itself is an incredible journey that will allow you to reflect upon past experiences. With reflection, not only will you be able to recall all of the good that has come out of your life and experiences, but you will also become more appreciative of what you have today. Rather than becoming a guilty pleasure, it is a great way for you to improve the quality of your life from the comforts of your own room. In addition, compared to other DIY activities, it is relatively cheap, so you can indulge yourself without damaging your wallet.

Read on to find discover great tips that will make scrapbooking easy and fun for anyone, regardless of whether he is a beginner or an expert as scrapbooking already.

Tips for Scrapbooking

1. Choose the Right Photo.

The best photos for scrapbooking are the unique and fun ones. This means less of those perfect studio photos, such as your wedding photos, and more of those quirky ones that you take without too much planning and preparation. Of course, this does not mean you have to leave professional photos out completely, but do not feel stressed that every photo needs to be perfect.

The value of a photograph is the memory that is captured within them. Find photographs that really hold a deep meaning for you or your family members, or provide insight into a story that you want to tell with the scrapbook.

2. Position Strategically.

The difference between having a regular photo album and a scrapbook is that with a scrapbook, you are putting in energy to tell a story, rather than simply trying to fill a page with as many photos as you can.

Try not to clutter each page. Choose one or two focal-point photos for the reader to focus on. A good place to put this focal-point photo is at the top-left corner, since we are used to reading from left to right. Highlight the focal-point photo somehow by either making it bigger or giving it a nice mat. Use smaller photos without mats to help you add to the story as accessories. Make sure that you do leave enough space so that the reader does not feel overwhelmed by everything that is on the page.

3. Tell the Story.

Journalling is incredibly important. You always want to write down a few words or sentences to tell the story behind the focal-point photo. What story are you trying to share here? What makes it so meaningful to you? This is where the power of scrapbooking comes into place. By recalling exactly what makes each photo and memory important, you will become more appreciative of your past as you reflect. It will also become a great treasure for your loved ones as you share your stories with them.

You also do not want to fill up every bit of blank space with words. If you are running out of space for journaling, this does not mean your story has to stop. Try adding a pre-made envelope to your scrapbook layout, so that you can put in your extra words inside. You can even make creative pockets for your words as well.

Keep in mind that this does not mean you need a huge title for each page. Subtlety is the key. Only have titles when they add to the storytelling process, but never add them when they detract from the experience.

4. Decorate Smartly.

Scrapbooks can be great places for artistic expression. If you look around, you will find that you can easily locate beautiful stickers, templates, ribbons, patterned designs, and more for scrapbooking. Remember that the scrapbook is meant to hold your memories and personality as ultimately, you are the storyteller. If you prefer having a simpler design, that is fine, as long as it is what you want. Similarly, if you want an elaborate design for your scrapbook, that is perfectly doable as well.

No matter what you want, make sure you refrain from having too many decorations. Remember that the scrapbook is meant to convey your thoughts and share your story. Having too many decorations flooding the page not only racks up scrapbooking costs, but it also draws attention away from the story itself.

When you are shopping for embellishments, try buying only what you need at the moment. Scrapbooking supplies will not start disappearing any time soon, so you can always return for more. This will keep your scrapbooking costs down to a reasonable price, while making sure that you do not splurge on too many extra items.

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