“Mauritius was made first – then heaven”

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Heavenly Holiday

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius,” wrote the famous writer Mark Twain, a century ago. If you want to spend a heavenly holiday, Mauritius is the place to go.  A marvellous island indeed!  The weather is always fine.  The island has a tropical climate with two seasons: a warm humid summer from November to April with a mean temperature of 24.7 degree centigrade and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September with a mean temperature of 20.4 degrees. Famous for its silver sands and breath-taking beaches, the island received the World’s Best Beach at the World Travel Awards in 2012.

The island is also known for its varied flora and fauna with many endemic species.  The environment is typically tropical with exotic fruits like coconut, litchis, mangoes and pawpaws among others.


Welcoming people

The people are very welcoming.  This can be explained by the peaceful coexistence which is an important asset of this 1.2 million population island.  The people are multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multicultural and multilingual speaking English, French, Creole, Hindi, Mandarin amongst other languages.

The vibrant and colourful culture of the people is reflected in the various activities that are celebrated throughout the year, some of which are recognised as public holidays.

Along with aquatic activities like swimming with the Dolphins and para-sailing near the waterfall over the sea and other adventure trips such as quads, deer hunting and fishing, you may also wish to enjoy a tranquil, relaxing and restful holiday watching astounding sceneries and the unique seven-coloured Earth at Chamarel. Or why not discover the Sugar adventure or even the tea route?

Do all these look too good to be true? Better then to see for yourself!

The tour company was set up by my husband Yvon and myself Arianne when we decided to retire and travel abroad and meet new people and new cultures.  We have had some good experiences. Unfortunately, we had some bad experiences as well. These prompted us to start up this touring activity to cater for people like us, meaning those who have retired or are nearing retirement.

Our kids are grown and are on their own.  As you, we are no longer tied to our job.  This is the time to get away, see the world and enjoy life with family and/or friends as well as meet new friends probably enjoying the same interests and passion and discover new places.


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