13 Classic Movies you Should Consider Re-watching

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Age-net has taken a look back at some classic movies that we think are worth a re-watch

During the winter’s chill, it can be comforting and relaxing to simply curl up indoors, snuggled within blankets. It also makes it a perfect season for movie watching whether alone or with other loved ones. But with so many movies for available, how are you to know which ones are worth your time?Films can be great for a quick laugh, yet there are some movies that leave a deep impression within the hearts and minds of viewers. Powerful films hold the power to help you confirm your perceptions of the world, while others force your eyes open to see life in new and unexpected ways. From the comfort of your home, you can watch films and allow yourself to embark on amazing journeys and come out the other side with new experiences to boast of as well as impressive knowledge to boot.

Here is a list of classic movies for seasoned viewers that you need to have watched at least once in your life. Films on this list have been known to inspire viewers and help them rediscover what is important. Make sure you check off every movie on this list, and ready your mind for a new and exhilarating journey today. While some of these are okay to watch with younger companions, make sure that you do check the film’s rating before starting to watch these with less than mature individuals. Otherwise, pick out the few that sound best to you, and enjoy these movies on cold nights at home.

Casablanca – 1942

IMDb rating: 8.6/10
Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid
Director: Michael Curtiz
Awards: 3 Oscars
Age-net rating: [usr=4.5]

The boy loses the love of his life before the movie even begins. What will he be willing to do in order to get her back into his arms? Audiences are in for a ride as they learn how love stories do not always have a clear resolution.

Watch the trailer for Casablanca below:


Spirited Away – 2001

IMDb rating: 8.6/10
Stars: Daveigh Chase, Suzanne Pleshette, Miyu Irino
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Awards: 1 Oscar
Age-net rating: [usr=3.7]

Animated by the famous Japanese Hayao Miyazaki, it is no wonder that this film leads viewers to question what is around them. Here, you will visit a bathhouse for a variety of Japanese gods as a young girl tries to save her parents after they have been turned into pigs. While this animation is enchanting and even humorous at times, the beauty of the art within along with the touching moments captured inside will bring a whole new meaning to the power of love.

Watch the trailer for Spirited Away below:


Metropolis – 1927

IMDb rating: 8.3/10
Stars: Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich
Director: Fritz Lang
Age-net rating: [usr=3.9]

Fritz Lang brings a story of war between clashing classes in a future filled with robots and machinery. This is the film that inspires many dystopian modern age movies for decades to come.

Watch the trailer for Metropolis below:


12 Angry Men – 1957

IMDb rating: 8.9/10
Stars: Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam
Director: Sidney Lumet
Awards: 1 BAFTA
Age-net rating: [usr=4.6]

This is an intense drama that exposes you to a world of a jury debating over a murder charge. While the black-and-white film is not overrun by action and special effects, the character acting is incredible and realistic, and soon you will be caught in the suspense of it all.

Watch the trailer for 12 Angry Men below:


To Kill a Mockingbird – 1962

IMDb rating: 8.4/10
Stars: Gregory Peck, John Megna, Frank Overton
Director: Robert Mulligan
Awards: 3 Oscars
Age-net rating: [usr=4.5]

Based on the book by Harper Lee, the film illustrates the story behind a lawyer that lived during the Depression-era within America. You see the film through the eyes of a young girl as the lawyer works to defend a black man who is accused of raping another white girl. It features racism, injustice, poverty, as well as ignorance. Watching this will lead to your emotions tugging you every way possible inside your heart.

Watch the trailer for To Kill a Mockingbird below:


The Godfather I – III

IMDb rating: 7.6/10 – 9.2/10
Stars: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Awards: 3 Oscars
Age-net rating: [usr=4.7]

These three films together eliminated the previous image of mobsters within the film industry, takes you on an exploration of what evil is, and shows you how Heaven and Hell are not as distinct as you might believe.

Watch the trailer for The Godfather I below:


Singin’ in the Rain – 1952

IMDb rating: 8,4/10
Stars: Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds
Director: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
Awards: 1 Golden Globe
Age-net rating: [usr=4.8]

Many have crowned this film to be the ultimate musical. Set in the late 1920s, it is embodied by happy, joyous feelings as well as filled with spunky dancing and an intelligent script.

Watch the trailer for Singin’ in the Rain below:


Citizen Kane – 1941

IMDb rating: 8.4/10
Stars: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore
Director: Orson Welles
Awards: 1 Oscar
Age-net rating: [usr=4.3]

This movie is on the top of several movie lists, so be sure not to leave it out. It takes you on a funny and tragic journey with a man that tried to win over love and respect with his wealth.

Watch the trailer for Citizen Kane below:


The Longest Day – 1962

IMDb rating: 7.8/10
Stars: John Wayne, Robert Ryan, Richard Burton
Director: Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, Bernhard Wicki
Awards: 2 Oscars
Age-net rating: [usr=4.0]

Three directors work together to tell the story of D-Day from both the Allied and Axis perspectives. Although the film may not be very accurate, it helps to recount the historic story of Normandy in the way that participants of the war want it to be remembered throughout time.

Watch the trailer for The Longest Day below:


The Best Years of Our Lives – 1946

IMDb rating: 8.2/10
Stars: Fredric March, Dana Andrews, Myrna Loy
Director: William Wyler
Awards: 7 Oscars
Age-net rating: [usr=4.6]

Another war movie, this one is set after the end of World War II. Three veterans return to their homes and struggle to adjust back into regular society. However, the war has changed these men, and their families have changed while they were away.

Watch the trailer for The Best Years of Our Lives below:


La Grand Illusion – 1937

IMDb rating: 8.2/10
Stars: Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo, Pierre Fresnay
Director: Jean Renoir
Age-net rating: [usr=3.7]

This is a unique war film with very little action to be seen. Instead, it follows two French warriors that are imprisoned within a camp during World War I. This camp is led by an aristocratic captain that clings to the grand illusion that war can still be civilized after all.

Watch the trailer for La Grand Illusion below:


Floating Weeds – 1959

IMDb rating: 7.9/10
Stars: Ganjirô Nakamura, Machiko Kyô, Haruko Sugimura
Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Age-net rating: [usr=3.7]

Directed by Yasujiro Ozu, this is a simple film that follows travelling actors that return to an isolated village. Within the village, they find the woman that their leader left behind years and years ago, along with a son that he did not know of. Here, the characters discover their true inner natures. This is a film with tales woven together with great visual beauty and one that is sure not to disappoint.

Watch the trailer for Floating Weeds below:


Gates of Heaven – 1978

IMDb rating: 7.5/10
Stars: Lucille Billingsley, Zella Graham, Cal Harberts
Director: Errol Morris
Age-net rating: [usr=3.6]

At first glance, this would appear to be only a simple documentary of a few people and their pet cemeteries within Northern California. Although the facts remain true within the film, deeper meanings can be drawn from the movie itself. It has become a film that addresses life and death, deception along with betrayal, and pride within shame. It allows you to see just how stubborn human nature can be. Watch this film if you hold a philosophical intrigue regarding the existence of a soul and what life and death could possibly mean.

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